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Poison & Ratt Concert West Palm Beach

Posted September 3rd, 2007.

Here are some pictures that I took at the Poison concert last night. Ratt and Veins of Jenna were the two opening acts for the concert. I never did see Ratt or Poison back in the 80’s so I could not pass this up. I was actually a much bigger Ratt fan then Poison back then. The concert turned out to be even way better that I expected. Both Poison and Ratt have their original singer and lead gutarists. Actually I think that Poison had all of its original band members. Andria went with me to the concert which is very rare. Here are some pictures. Enjoy 🙂

You can see the entire Flickr photo set of the Poisons concert here.

IMG_2877 IMG_2873 IMG_2853 IMG_2854 IMG_2855 IMG_2848 IMG_2846 IMG_2844 IMG_2845 IMG_2876 IMG_2874 IMG_2875 IMG_2872 IMG_2870 IMG_2868 IMG_2865 IMG_2863 IMG_2864 IMG_2865 IMG_2862