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Was Florida Really Under Water?

Posted July 29th, 2007.

This morning my wife and I were adding some Lantana flowers to her butterfly garden.
Lantana Flowers
While digging the holes for the new flowers, I ran into a pretty large sea shell. We typically find small shells when digging, but this was the biggest one that we have found so I decided to take some pictures.
Sea Shell Sea Shell Sea Shell

Is this proof that Florida as under water in the past? I think it is, but I suppose at some point sand could have been moved from closer to the beach to where we live and used as construction fill. I doubt it though. Our house is in Lake Worth; about 9 miles from the Ocean. The house was built 6 years ago and was an empty field before that. 6 years ago it would not have made any sense to move fill from the coast inland as coastal land is obviously much more expensive.

The sea shell is now a part of my wifes butterfly garden.
Butterfly Garden
The shell is now a part of our butterfly garden, as seen below

Journeys End Wetland Preserve Sprayed with Herbicide

Posted May 13th, 2007.

The following video was captured in May 2007. It shows a worker spraying herbicide in a protected wetland preserve in Journeys End, Lake Worth Florida. We are currently contacting the HOA and management company to understand why they are killing areas in a wetland preservation. This area is visited and home to many birds including some that are endangered. Wood Storks and American Bald Eagles are seen here regularly.

Click on the video to start playing.

Here are pictures that were taken a week later after the spraying which shows the area that was killed off.

Preserve after spraying

Preserve after spraying

Preserve after spraying

Video of American Alligator in my backyard!

Posted January 17th, 2007.

The following video was taken this morning, January 16, 2007, in my back yard which is in Lake Worth Florida. The video contains 3 animals in it: an American Alligator, an Anhinga (type of bird that goes underwater), and a Common Moorhen (another type of bird).

I thought for sure that the alligator was going to go after the Moorhen but it did not happen. Click on the video screen to start.

This video can also be viewed on youTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn23dihJu5Q